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Do you need a Transport Manager?
We can provide external transport manager services

What's Required of you

If you operate a vehicle over 3.5t GVM you are required by law to have an operators license (O Licence), which may mean that you need a Transport Manager.

We fill the gap

A lot of companies cannot afford a full time Transport Manager and sometimes do not understand the role of a Transport Manager, we can help by providing an external transport manager for your business.

What we do

Different to running your day to day operations activities, a Transport Manager is required to ensure you are operating legally and within the requirements of your Operators License and the rules and regulations set out by The Department of Transport which is regulated by DVSA (Driver Vehicle and Services Agency).

CCT can provide a range of services to meet the varying demands of your business, by defining, implementing and helping you to run the necessary procedures to ensure your business meets it’s operational and compliance needs. You can use us as an external transport manager that can work for your business

If you answer no to these questions, we can help


Do you need an Operator’s Licence? Restricted, Standard or International?

We can manage this entire process for you, from the paperwork to the final application, and even liaise with the DVSA if required. (If you are unsure about this then just call us, or read this post:  Do I need an operator’s license?)


Drivers’ hours rule and legislation, do you understand it, do you comply and do you have the systems in place?

We will ensure you have the best systems in place to comply with all the relevant legislation and can also provide training to you and your drivers so you know your getting it right!


Tachographs and record keeping?

Are you downloading the driver’s cards and tacho heads? Are you using the best software? We can provide the knowledge and training to ensure you have the best management systems in place so you know you are operating legally.


Is your Vehicle Maintenance Schedule up to date? Wall Chart or Electronic or even online?

We can guide you through the best method for your company to stay compliant?


Daily Walk Round Checks?

Manual checks or electronic app-based checks? We can give you the guidance and best practice to ensure you operate within the guidelines.


Driving Licence Checks?

Are you completing driving licence checks, pre-employment and every six months after employment? Again, manual or electronic checks? Let us guide you through the process.


The Working Time Directive?

Are you recording the driver’s hours to comply with the directive? We can point you the right direction and ensure you have the systems in place to comply with the WTD.

Get compliant today! Get an external transport manager on board to help you navigate the procedures and paperwork. 

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