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What is FORS Bronze?

FORS Bronze accreditation is the entry requirement for the FORS accreditation.

Simply put FORS Bronze confirms to other companies within your supply chain that you take seriously the compliance and health and safety of your drivers and vehicles and you are a responsible operator with regard to the environment by monitoring fuel and tyre usage.

If you don’t know about FORS then take a look at our article ‘What is the Fleet Operator Recognition scheme’ which details why companies need to be making strides to get accredited.

The Bronze accreditation will be awarded after a successful audit which needs to be completed within 90 days of registration (so don’t register too early!). It is the preparation for this audit that is the key to success as it is through this process that you can provide evidence of systems, procedures and the correct documentation to demonstrate you are reaching and maintaining the high standards required.

4 Areas are included in the FORS Accreditation

In order to get prepared for the audit, there are 4 very distinct areas that you need to work on, and within these areas, there are specific requirements which must be met.



11 requirements



7 requirements



7 requirements



7 requirements

Requirements: are based on

  • Legal compliance
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Environment
  • Security and counter-terrorism

Purpose: details the reason why the specific outcome is required.

Demonstration: details the specific outputs that demonstrate how the requirement is met.

Management Vehicles Drivers Operations
Responsibilities & Authority Road Worthiness Training & Assessment Routing & Scheduling
Communication Insurance Driving at work Transport control
Competent Person Fleet performance Fitness & Health Fines and charges

And there are many records that you will be asked to share, these include but are not limited to

  • Company policy documents
  • Operator Licence
  • Employees handbook
  • Company structure
  • Fleet list
  • Training manuals
  • Driver License check process
  • Evidence of eyesight checks
  • Health & Safety Policy

Please remember when writing or referencing any Policy and or Procedure, it must be dated and reviewed.

Any policy or procedure not dated or reviewed will be immediately failed.

N.B. A lot of consultants will sell you a folder for a vast amount of money but unfortunately, if the policies and procedures do not reflect your business it is a complete waste of money.

Any robust management system must reflect your business and incorporate existing policies and procedures already in use. This could include an existing Health & Safety System and even an ISO system if you have one in place. Often a robust Drivers Handbook (Road Risk Policy) will meet a lot of the required information.


There are two fees that are applicable at this stage:

1) The annual subscription fee – this is based upon the total number of vehicles included in the accreditation. The bigger your fleet the less you pay per vehicle. (At the time of writing in 2020 the most expensive tariff is £80 per vehicle which you would pay if you have 1-5 vehicles)

2) The audit fee (which is per operating centre) a standard rate is £450

Follow up audits will depend on the outcome of the first audit, but if you have multiple operating centres then you will need multiple audits:

2-4 centres = 2 audits
5-15 centres = 3 audits
16+ = 20% of operating centres (so 20 operating centres = 4 audits)

The audit will take place at the operating centre that is being audited.

If you hire a consultant to help with your preparation, they are not to be the sole representative of the company during your audit UNLESS they are nominated on the Operator’s licence. This means that you need to have a competent person with an in-depth knowledge of the operation present at the audit as well.

You will hear within 10 days if you have been successful. Your certificate will be mailed to you as proof of your accreditation, it is then up to you to maintain the Bronze accreditation. You must maintain the FORS Standard and renew your accreditation every 12 months, failure to do either of these means that you are no longer a FORS member.

If you happen to fail the audit (we do offer a pre-audit service to prevent this from happening) then you will be given an action plan detailing major and minor action points that you need to undertake before you can take your re-approval. For major points you have 30 calendar days to follow-up and for minor points 90 days. If you fail to do this then you will not be a FORS member.

We have helped multiple companies through this process, we know that developing, documenting and communicating road transport policies is daunting, so we are here to make sure you have the correct guidance and support.

Once you have successfully passed the Bronze FORS Audit then you can have peace of mind that your business is being run in a safe and efficient manner. The Bronze Logo that you can then use, confirms this to your clients too, giving you a unique selling point over your competitors.

Need help? Please just email us a quick question or pick up the phone to speak to one of our FORS consultants.

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