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What is FORS Gold?

FORS is a quality management system which proves that operators are achieving a certain standard.

Bronze Good Operator achieving all the minimum legal standards required.

Silver Good Operator going beyond the minimum standards and implementing sound operating, management and environmental controls.

Gold Only 5% of all FORS accredited operators achieve the Gold Standard and this shows the industry you are an excellent operator, not only achieving and surpassing industry standards in operating, management and environmental controls but your “waving the Flag” for the industry and achieving new standards.

Unlike both FORS Bronze and FORS Silver which may have a monitory aspect in achieving the Standard Gold doesn’t. It’s all about setting benchmarks in improving your targets, the environment and sustainability.

After you have been successful in obtaining and maintaining your FORS Bronze and FORS Silver accreditation, you can progress to the final level which is FORS Gold. There are further requirements that you need to evidence in order to pass the Gold stage and these include:

G1 Maintain FORS Bronze and FORS Silver
G2 Performance Data
G3 FORS Case Study
G4 Recruitment and Retention
G5 Professional Development
G6 Sustainable Operations
G7 Promoting FORS
G8 Staff Travel
G9 Contracted services

Fors Gold Standards
You will need to evidence that all performance data shown in your FORS Silver accreditation has had improvement and any initiatives implemented are positively contributing towards performance improvements.

Other progression data is also required for all the vehicles involved in the FORS accreditation, this data is the same as the Silver accreditation but it needs to cover the previous 24 months. (If you have multiple operating centres you can progress one centre at a time so only the vehicles in the relevant centre(s) apply here) These include operational performance indicators

  • Total distance travelled and fuel used by vehicle type
  • Total road traffic collision and incident data by vehicle type
  • Total Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) reportable incident data
  • Total transport related fines and penalty charges

The training required for Gold accreditation (For HGV Drivers) is on reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions (we provide the FORS LoCITY Driving Training Course).

A member of the team must also be an approved FORS practitioner or working towards the accreditation. This requires someone in the business to attend 10 ½ day workshops.

Common areas that are typical ‘gotchas’ are:

G3 FORS Case Study – you must use the mandatory template
G6 Sustainable Operations (use the FORS sustainable operations template which covers this)
G8 Staff Travel (not providing a staff travel plan)
G9 Contracted services (not providing evidence of a flow down cause/contract for service providers

You must have 45 days left on your Bronze and Silver certificate when applying for your FORS Gold and it is an online application so you have to upload evidence for every requirement.

Gold accreditation is only awarded to exceptional operators who have met exacting targets. FORS Gold operators can actively promote the FORS Standard to their supply chain, and they can do it with confidence knowing that they have achieved the top level, demonstrating that they really are dedicated to driver and vehicle safety and are effectively monitoring fuel and tyre usage.

The process may seem daunting at first, but we have helped many clients through the FORS accreditation program from Bronze to Gold, through the process we will help you improve your company policies and procedures and ultimately reduce your costs.

Need help? Please just email us a quick question or pick up the phone to speak to one of our FORS consultants.

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