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What is FORS Silver?

After you have been successful in obtaining and maintaining your FORS Bronze accreditation, you can progress to the next level which is Silver.

There are further requirements that you need to evidence in order to pass the Silver stage and these include:

S1 FORS Bronze
S2 Performance data
S3 Fuel, emissions and air quality
S4 Road risk
S5 Professional development
S6 Vehicle safety equipment
S7 Noise pollution
S8 Internal communications
S9 Sub-contracted services

The two main areas of the Silver accreditation which will take both time and money are:

Lorry with FORS Silver Accreditation Logo

S6 – Vehicle Safety Equipment

All vehicle must have fitted:

  • Near-side vehicle camera to increase the visibility of the blind spot
  • Rear camera solution to increase the visibility of the rear blind spot
  • Close proximity side sensors with audible driver warnings to alert drivers to other road users that are located in the blind spots of an HGV
  • Audible left turn warning to indicate vehicle manoeuvre
  • Audible reverse warning to indicate vehicle manoeuvre
  • In-cab display screen to provide drivers with a view of the blind spots through the cameras that are installed

S5 – Professional Development

All drivers must complete a Work-related road risk (WRRR) – training on-road risk and the safety of vulnerable road users.

This is a 7 – hour training course – Safe Urban Driving (HGV Drivers) or Van Smart (Van Drivers)

This training includes 3.5 hours of practical on-road training and a “bike”.

Other progression data is also required for all the vehicles involved in the FORS accreditation. (If you have multiple operating centres you can progress one centre at a time so only the vehicles in the relevant centre(s) apply here) These include operational performance indicators:

  • Total distance travelled and the fuel used by vehicle type
  • Total road traffic collision and incident data by vehicle type
  • Total Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) reportable incident data
  • Total transport related fines and penalty charges

You have to evidence a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of submission, so you need to make sure all your reports are in order and you can really demonstrate the progression you have made from your Fors Bronze accreditation.

S5 Professional development is a large part of FORS Silver – (As mentioned above) there are mandatory training requirements for all drivers and other staff involved in your fleet operation, this includes professional development plans for everyone. This is one of the most common areas for failure, so it’s important you understand what you need to do and how you can evidence it. (N.B. PDP and completed training can be evidenced in the same document) We provide FORS Training and can help you with planning your driver’s progress.

Other common areas that are typical ‘gotchas’ are:

S3 – Fuel and emissions and air quality,
S4 – Requirements for Road Risk,
S7 –  Noise pollution and
S8 – Internal communications

You must include all mandatory elements and cover all aspects of each requirement if you don’t then you will fail the audit.

You must have 45 days left on your Bronze certificate when applying for your Silver and it is an online application so you have to upload evidence for every requirement.

To gain your FORS Silver will help you to improve operational performance, reduce costs and minimise the impact on the environment. All of these attributes will be attractive to your supply chain and will carry weight in tender applications. By achieving FORS Silver accreditation your fleet will be compliant with the CLOCS Standard for Construction Logistics and with TfL’s WRRR (Work Related Road Risk).

The FORS Standard does provide some good templates to follow as does the FORS website. However, if you are short of time, just don’t understand what is required, or just need a reality check, please pick up the phone to speak to one of our FORS Consultants or send us a quick question.


Are you interested? we can help you get FORS Silver! Get one of our FORS Consultants on board to help you navigate the process

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